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45min Easy Flow Yoga class: Downloadable Video

45min Easy Flow Yoga class: Downloadable Video


45min Easy Flow Yoga class: Downloadable Video
In this class, we will combine simple flowing movements that open and strengthen the body whilst also allowing the release of tension from both mind and body.

Movements are geared towards building strength, stability and flexibility; 
moving through the more challenging yoga sequences will leave you feeling both capable & confident.

It is my hope that you will finish my Easy Flow class 
feeling strong, confident and revitalised!

Price = $20.00 AUD 


Who is this program for?

This program is perfect for beginners & intermediate yogis/students. Even more advanced yogis will find this at-home program suitable for them – a more gentle and slow practice, bringing the student back to some of the basics of yoga.

Can I do it if I am pregnant?

If you are pregnant or think you might be, this program is not for you as some of the postures & sequences are not recommend during pregnancy. I promise I have some pregnancy friendly online classes coming soon but for now please head to a local yoga studio that specialise in prenatal yoga. 

Are there any ongoing costs?

How’s this for value? No ongoing cost! Once you have purchased and downloaded the program it is yours for life - no ongoing costs and you can practice anywhere, anytime via your computer, iPad or iPhone. We do ask that you respect the ethics of your purchase and do not share the content with any other persons. The greatest gift you could offer me is a referral of a family member or friend who you feel would benefit from purchasing the Breathe Dream Create Love: Home Yoga Practice.

Is this the same Easy Flow Yoga Video from your "Breath Dream Create Love: Home Yoga Practice"? 
Yes, this is the same "Easy Flow Yoga" video. So if you have already previously purchase my "Breath Dream Create Love: Home Yoga Practice" please do not purchase this video. I will hopefully have some new online videos coming soon!