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My Mantra: Breathe. Dream. Create. Love.

Namaste Beautiful,

Words… They’re potent!

So perfectly powerful that one of the most transformational experiences I’ve ever had was in the creation of my mantra – my sweet and simple manifesto for my life and business.

A mantra is a set of words (or even just one word) that, when held dear and repeated often can offer radical help in your healing, focussing and manifesting.

Believe me when I say that I have manifested miracles with these four luscious words…


I adore my mantra so absolutely that I have had them printed on these gorgeous singlets and T-shirts that are currently available to pre-order HERE.

Throughout the pre-sale process I’ve had loads of questions about why I chose these words as my mantra, which inspired me to create this week’s post!

So, here’s the lowdown on my mantra (and why I love it so much):


Learning yogic breathing techniques (Pranayama) was a true lifesaver for me, giving me so much soothing relief to my past anxiety, stress and depression, allowing me to heal deeply and move forward in every aspect of my life.

Now that I teach yoga, I am the honoured witness to the transformative power of breath in my students on a daily basis. I now know this for sure – the world would be a much calmer planet if we all learned about the importance of breathing!

I love taking big, deep, expansive breaths: breathing in love and gratitude, breathing out all that no longer serves me…

I love focussing my breath to create stillness in my mind…



I have been a dreamer ever since I was a little girl and I’ve always felt the natural urge to encourage others to explore and live their dreams!

Envisioning my dreams by using vision boards, visualisation and imagination has been a game-changer in my life. I’ve seen miracles manifested for all those around me who aren’t afraid to believe in themselves and their dreams.

If nothing else, dreaming is serious fun – and who doesn’t want fun! Dare to dream with enough gusto and you’ll learn what I already know to be fact: the Universe WANTS your dreams to come true!


Creation is how we make our dreams and desires into reality – this beautiful unfolding of manifestations is what we’re here for!

Magic happens when you get clear on your dreams, get strategic with how you can bring them to fruition and then just let go…

Meditate on your dreams, seeing their unfolding with your third eye. Envision them. Hold the FEELING this creates in your heart, and recall this feeling often.

Then, watch your creations unfold!


Love begins, and can only begin, with the self. So much of what I’m about is encouraging self love through nourishing, honouring practices and rituals that I know work (because I’ve done them all myself!)

The creation of self-love paves the path to loving your life, loving your relationships and to choosing and feeling love at absolutely every opportunity presented to you, ‘good’ or ‘bad’.

Love is the only truth there is, and its power transforms women into the goddesses they were born to be and has a ripple effect upon all those they adore.

Love is the greatest healer of all. This is something we all know, deep in our bones.

Now that I’ve clarified why I chose my mantra, I truly hope that it inspires you to think about creating your own. My mantra calms me, keeps me centred and reminds me of my path and purpose, and I want that for all of you too, with all of my heart.

Love, gratitude and grace,

Aimee xoxo